Some helpful stuff about destination weddings!



Q: I’m afraid of my makeup not lasting all day and night. What do you do to make sure it lasts, Lorraine?

A:  I’ve got that covered! (Excuse the pun) The makeup is 24 hour wearing so it’s long lasting


Q: And what about the heat?! I’m frightened I’ll sweat it all off! 😱🙈

A:  No problem at all! It’s waterproof and sweat proof.


Q: Do I need to wear sunscreen under my makeup?

A:  No need! The makeup is SPF35. Sunscreen tends to be a little heavy for the skin on the face and after a few hours, can make your skin look greasy.


Q: I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I’m frightened of the makeup in the Spanish heat being/looking too heavy. What options do I have, Lorraine?

A:  Well, you can have a natural Sunkissed Glow Look, a tinted moisturiser or bb cream effect or a radiant glow effect, plus, still have the benefits of the makeup lasting, and protecting your skin throughout the entire day.


Q: I love the look of dramatic makeup, but I want to look like me. Plus, I’m not too sure it will be appropriate for my Wedding Day. What do you suggest, Lorraine? 

A:  Not all bride2b's want natural looking makeup. My advice is to have a Trial with me. We'll go through all the styles you like and compare them to what you’re used to. This way, we’ll come up with a style you’ll just love, and that’s still you. 😉😊





Q: I like to wash my hair everyday, but everyone says that an upstyle is better on dirty hair. I don’t think I could bear the idea of that. What do you advise, Lorraine?

A:  Without a doubt, wash your hair the night before (if your hair is long and thick) or the morning of the Wedding Day. It gets hot over here in summer on the Costa del Sol, and many of us don’t realise that the combination of sweat, hair products and sebum, make the roots look greasy and smell a little pungent. It’s just an absolute “nope! 😱” for anyone having an upstyle in Spain on a Day as special as a Wedding let alone, the Bride. Besides, I find clean hair easier to manage than dirty hair. 😉😊



Q: Do I need to bring any hair products or styling tools for my hair, Lorraine?

A. Only the hair accessories you’re going to be wearing in your hair on the day. I bring everything I need to make your hair do I what I want it to do, to create a stunning hairstyle for you. 😉😊


Q: What Information do you need from me, so I can book you for my Wedding Day, Lorraine?

A:  The following Information is really important:

  1. Your Wedding Date, Time and Location
  2. Your Hair & Makeup requirement; tell how many people it’s for and it’s really helpful if you tell me who they are. For example Bridesmaid, mother of the Bride, Flowergirl, guest, etc. This way I can calculate your quote correctly.
  3. If and when you require a Trial. (If possible, an idea of where this will take place)
  4. Your Contact mobile phone number including country code


Q: How can I book you for my Wedding Day, Lorraine?

A:  Once I have the above information from you and received confirmation you’re ready to secure the date, I’ll send you a request for a deposit payment.


Q: How much is the deposit, Lorraine?

A:  Depending on the location, your order and the date, it’s either €100 or €200. 


Q: In the unlikelyhood of you being ill on my Wedding Day and you cannot fulfil your obligation to me, what happens, Lorraine?

A:  I have backup plans in place so that a replacement is found to come to you and fulfil the promise I made originally to you. 


If you have a question that I didn't cover, Email me and I'll get back to you.😊


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